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Digital Print Kitchen Gloves; 01GT

Digital Print Kitchen Gloves; 01GT

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Digital Print Kitchen Gloves are made with 100% premium cotton. This multi-colored glove is imprinted with high-quality famous places on it. This glove keeps the hands safe from the heat and it is for multi-usage. Digital printing technology allows for detailed, high-quality prints ranging from intricate patterns to bold graphics. Whether you prefer floral motifs, geometric patterns, or whimsical illustrations, there is likely a design that matches your personal style and kitchen decor.

The kitchen gloves combine functionality with style, offering a protective solution that keeps your hands safe while brightening up your kitchen with their colorful and creative patterns. They are an essential kitchen accessory that enhances safety and adds a personal touch to your cooking routine.

  • Enhanced Heat Protection
  • Increased Grip and Comfort
  • Easy to clean and look after simply throw them in the washing machine.

Product Details: 

  • Product Name: Kitchen Mitten
  • Logo: Customer's Logo
  • Color: Customized
  • Size : H 24 cm x W 18 cm - 9.5 " x 7"
  • Printing - Size  can customized
  • FABRIC/MATERIAL: polyester /cotton 5 oz in white , sponge in side
  • FEATURE: Mitten with heat transfer print on 1 side  


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