We specialize in custom bags or products that require cutting and sewing. Our Sample Development department began as an OEM production, but after years of advancement, we became an ODM producer and collaborate with customers in designing new products, decreasing product development time. Quality control is an important mission to our company, building trust and satisfaction with our customers. We always strive for a target of 100% defect free products and offer a one year warranty on all our products.

OEM Procedues

      After customers provide their sample, we make any necessary production and design adjustments as desired by the customer and swiftly present the following order information to the customer:
    • Production MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity): Custom special woven or colored fabric and handle set all have minimum order quantities from material suppliers. Our company can accept a minimum of 300 pieces for the initial order, but the buyer must pay for the extra custom materials and handle sets in advance.
    • Unit Price: Price base on fob ( viet nam ) . Cnf . Cif .. 
    • Estimated dimensions and quantity of export carton for cargo: Allows customers to estimate shipping costs.
    • Estimated sampling and mass production leading times: Samples that do not require new mould can be produced in 3-10 days while samples requiring new mould or wheel and handle set can take up to 20 days for sample creation. The above order information can assist customers in deciding whether or not to start next step --Sampling. If customers do not have a sample, customers need only provide images, dimensions, and list of special features of the desired product or our company can suggest dimensions and qualities if the customer is unfamiliar with those specifications. We can then quickly offer the customer sample information and quote for consideration.

ODM Procedues

If customers require assistance in designing the sample, they only need to provide desired qualities and specifications, such as images of bags with similar functionality and special requirements on woven material and accessories, and we can offer our expertise in sample design manufacturing for the customers’ consideration. Typically, custom weaves and molds require longer sampling time. To reduce sampling time, we suggest using available materials and accessories to create the initial sample design while we determine the quote for the custom parts. After the initial sample design is approved, we will present the final design’s price and details to the customer before producing the final sample.

OEM/ODM Quality Control Standard of Protocol

With 24 years of bag manufacturing, our company understands that quality control starts at the first step, not at the completed product, allowing us to fulfill customers’ orders with high quality. Most manufacturers only inspect products right before packaging. However, fixing defects at this stage increases material, labor, and time expenses.

Our company follows a 0th Stage Inspection procedure to pursue zero defects. This means that we begin quality inspection when we receive materials and before manufacturing (the 0th stage). Inspection is then maintained throughout the manufacturing process until products are packed into boxes to promote zero defects. Our company utilizes various inspection tools to examine our suppliers’ materials for defects since even materials that appear defect free may potentially contain blemishes. For example, insufficient warps & wefts or backing adhesive thickness can decrease the material’s strength and ultimately cause the bag to break. To combat these imperfections, we utilize thickness gauges to ensure sufficient adhesive is applied while a linen tester is employed to count the number of warps & wefts per square inch.